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Issues & Vision


Improve public roads and infrastructure

Roads and bridges are one of the many responsibilities of county government. Well maintained roads help both our local economy stay strong and ensure a high quality of life. Dakota County is responsible for approximately 424 miles of county roads. The county’s responsibility encompasses everything from repairs and maintenance to snow plowing.

Southview Boulevard in South Saint Paul is one example of a County Road that citizens will see under construction in the near future. This work will include a newly paved road, better lighting, and a sidewalk. In West Saint Paul, we have already seen recent work on Wentworth Boulevard at Wentworth and Oakdale Avenues, which are both county roads.

Enhance public safety and health

Public safety and health is a basic and primary responsibility of county government. And, it’s also near to my heart as I earn a living for my family as a peace officer. At the county level, public safety and health services are delivered by many departments, including the Sheriff’s Office, Community Corrections (probation and parole), Public Health, Child Protection, and the Courts.

Over the last 20 years as a peace officer, I have worked alongside many public health and safety partners. As a City Council Member, I advocated for public health issues. I was concerned about the ongoing opioid epidemic and worked with South Metro Fire Board members to ensure the fire department had Narcan.


Promote public parks

Minnesotans and Dakota County residents take great pride in our city, county, regional, and state parks. Parks help renew and inspire the human spirit; after all, we work and play hard in Dakota County. Quality of life is enhanced when we all enjoy fun and safe outdoor spaces to spend time with family and friends. Whether riding a bike, attending a sporting event, or walking a dog, parks and outdoor spaces help us stay healthy and happy.

Encourage accountability and equity

We live in a time of great political polarization and economic inequality. This has helped create a lack of trust in government. My experience as both a peace officer and elected official has reinforced the belief that government must be more accountable and transparent while working to bridge gaps to reduce inequality.


Foster job creation and economic development

Working to help bring jobs to South Saint Paul as both a City Council Member and Economic Development Authority Commissioner has been an honor. While I am passionate about public health and safety as well as our parks system, I know that without a strong tax base the services provided by local government could be negatively impacted and cost citizens more. I have been fortunate to have been employed in the private, public, and non-profit sectors of our economy. Jobs and justice can—and should—work hand in hand.

Advocate for Political Reform

Both political parties are currently dysfunctional and I look forward to running on a non-partisan ticket for Dakota County Commissioner. This year’s recent federal government shutdown exemplifies the dysfunction of our elected federal leaders.

Today, the far left and right have the ability to ignore the many independents in the greater community who feel their voices have been ignored for some time. We need people in office who are willing to put the people’s needs before party and special interests. At the same time, we need good political processes in place so that good people can represent us.