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Advocate for Political Reform

Both political parties are currently dysfunctional and I look forward to running on a non-partisan ticket for Dakota County Commissioner. This year’s recent federal government shutdown exemplifies the dysfunction of our elected federal leaders.
Today, the far left and right have the ability to ignore the many independents in the greater community who feel their voices have been ignored for some time. We need people in office who are willing to put the people’s needs before party and special interests. At the same time, we need good political processes in place so that good people can represent us.

Term limits for politicians will help them stay focused on the people and the people’s concerns more than the politician’s concern to be reelected or raise campaign donations. Each generation should have an opportunity to serve one’s community and setting a term limits would help accomplish this. I want to be known as a public servant, not a career politician.

Big money in politics also creates big problems. If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, what does unlimited funding do to our political process? We need to end Citizens United with a constitutional amendment that limits how much money any person or entity can spend to elect a candidate.

As an elected community leader, I will work hard to influence those that have the power to improve our political process