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Encourage accountability and equity

We live in a time of great political polarization and economic inequality. This has helped create a lack of trust in government. My experience as both a peace officer and elected official has reinforced the belief that government must be more accountable and transparent while working to bridge gaps to reduce inequality.

Increasing accountability and transparency starts by meeting with people from all walks of life to listen to their concerns and ideas. I welcome different viewpoints and will engage elected leaders and citizens to reach consensus on ways to improve the county together. Changes can also be made to the political process to support greater accountability. I believe in open primaries in August where party splitting can take place like it currently does in the November general elections. For statewide offices, I support ranked choice voting or runoff elections, so a candidate can receive more than 50% of the vote to win. These steps are important for less polarized politics.

Equality under the law is a basic principal that we, as Americans, value greatly. I believe in treating human beings with equality and providing opportunities for everyone to succeed. This includes equity in education and the justice system. For example, I will work with area leaders and private donors to help offer college scholarships in School District 197. Creating college scholarships not only helps financially, it also gives students and parents hope for the future.

As your next County Commissioner, I will meet citizens and elected area officials formally and regularly. I also will donate 10% of my county salary to charities in northern Dakota County. With a number of Dakota County citizens struggling in poverty and close to 40% of school children receiving free and reduced price lunches giving back is important. I will work hard to ensure accountability, transparency and equity in all the services that the county provides.