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Enhance public safety and health

Public safety and health is a basic and primary responsibility of county government. And, it’s also near to my heart as I earn a living for my family as a peace officer. At the county level, public safety and health services are delivered by many departments, including the Sheriff’s Office, Community Corrections (probation and parole), Public Health, Child Protection, and the Courts.
Over the last 20 years as a peace officer, I have worked alongside many public health and safety partners. As a City Council Member, I advocated for public health issues. I was concerned about the ongoing opioid epidemic and worked with South Metro Fire Board members to ensure the fire department had Narcan.

As a father of three, former South Saint Paul School Board Member, and School Resource Officer, I know it is important to provide resources to protect and serve families and youth. I consider it success when the county is able to properly investigate cases of child abuse or neglect. Working at a neighboring Sheriff’s Office, I know firsthand that we must all work together for a safe community. I also know that there is a focus on community and police relations today.

This is why as County Commissioner, I am committed to working with community groups, agencies, and departments to keep our community safe. This includes supporting the Sheriff to improve community trust and having the courage to fund an apprehension team that will respond to a new reality of crimes occurring in Northern Dakota County. In fact, the cities of West Saint Paul and South Saint Paul have recently hired additional staff due to increased crime and calls for service. It is time for the County to help with additional staff as well. Currently, Dakota County has roughly 4,900 active warrants.  Justice delayed is justice denied for those who are victims of crime.

If elected County Commissioner, I will ensure public safety and health services are delivered consistent with community values and expectations, and promote a safe community for all.