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Improve public roads and infrastructure

Roads and bridges are one of the many responsibilities of county government. Well maintained roads help both our local economy stay strong and ensure a high quality of life. Dakota County is responsible for approximately 424 miles of county roads. The county’s responsibility encompasses everything from repairs and maintenance to snow plowing.

Southview Boulevard in South Saint Paul is one example of a County Road that citizens will see under construction in the near future. This work will include a newly paved road, better lighting, and a sidewalk. In West Saint Paul, we have already seen recent work on Wentworth Boulevard at Wentworth and Oakdale Avenues, which are both county roads.

I know how difficult and frustrating road construction can be. Road construction and winter are my two least favorite seasons here in Minnesota. In 2018, my wife, Carrie, and I will be faced with our street having an expensive full road replacement. We will be assessed thousands of dollars for the improvements. While these improvement projects are challenging both fiscally and logistically, the end result is increased property values, no potholes, and improved roadway safety.

Maintaining and improving our roads and infrastructure is an important responsibility that must be addressed in Dakota County. That’s why, as County Commissioner, I am committed to working to obtain transportation funding from various revenue sources to maintain and improve our roadways.

If elected County Commissioner, I will ensure property taxes are kept low while making strategic investments, with the help of bonding, in the county’s public roadways infrastructure.