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Promote public parks

Minnesotans and Dakota County residents take great pride in our city, county, regional, and state parks. Parks help renew and inspire the human spirit; after all, we work and play hard in Dakota County. Quality of life is enhanced when we all enjoy fun and safe outdoor spaces to spend time with family and friends. Whether riding a bike, attending a sporting event, or walking a dog, parks and outdoor spaces help us stay healthy and happy.

As a South Saint Paul City Council Member, I worked hard and helped lead our voter approved parks and Doug Woog Arena improvement bond referendum. It is a great pleasure to see the improvements at Kaposia landing with the new ball fields. Doug Wood Arena is now ready for the 21st century with an environmentally friendly cooling system, a dry land training space, and an enclosed warm viewing area. And, a new soccer complex is now waiting for the grass to take hold by early 2019.

For six years, I served on the South Saint Paul Parks and Recreation Commission as the City Council Liaison. This experience reinforced how continued collaboration with community members, stakeholders, and regional partners can lead to positive outcomes for our parks and outdoor spaces. It has also provided me with an understanding of how to best utilize grant funds. That’s why, as County Commissioner, I am committed to working together to advance a premier county park system while keeping costs affordable.

If elected County Commissioner, I will continue to support public parks by maintaining and enhancing county parks in a fiscally responsible and responsive manner.